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Elspeth is a Toronto-based performance artist and instructor specializing in scintillating pole and aerial creations. Driven by a deep desire to artistically fling herself around in the air as much as possible, Elspeth has travelled across Canada honing her craft and dazzling audiences in collaboration with groups such as Electra Productions, Cirque Revolution, Illuminair Entertainment, Something Creative, and many more.


While amassing over 8 years of pole and aerial training (and forever counting), Elspeth has developed a very distinct style — a juxtaposition of melting movement with striking shapework, tied together with an overarching disposition for drama. In the pole world, Elspeth is a force to be reckoned with, having won several titles and (most notably) winning Pole Theatre Canada in 2022. They will be representing Canada in the next Pole Theatre World Championship. Currently, Elspeth is preparing for future creative opportunities with pole, adapting their skills to aerial and orbiting pole.

Beyond pole, Elspeth is a circus chameleon, shapeshifting to meet the confines of new apparatuses and spaces. Elspeth is a passionate practitioner of contortion, handbalancing and has fallen in love with the intersection between these two disciplines. Additionally, they are experienced in ambient durational performance in contortion, balance, apnea, sway pole, and (newly) hair hanging. Existing somewhere on the spectrum between dazzling show (-girl? -human? -thing?) and haunted cryptid — if there's anyone who can bring an outré flavour to circus, it's Elspeth.



I wear many hats 👒

Interested in learning from me, booking a workshop, or commissioning a performance?

Check out my classes and private lesson offerings below. To book me at your studio for a workshop, or commission a performance, please contact me directly!

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